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Kim Kardashian trolled for promoting nutrition brand while wearing high heels in gym: 'Downfall of Alani'

2023-07-11 10:54
Kim Kardashian channeled Barbie vibes as she posed in a pink-themed gym
Kim Kardashian trolled for promoting nutrition brand while wearing high heels in gym: 'Downfall of Alani'

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA: Ever since Kim Kardashian entered the industry, controversy has followed her every step. Familiar with criticism, she now finds herself facing backlash for her collaboration with a nutrition company. Known for her dedication to fitness and her frequent social media updates on her workout routines, Kim's association with Alani Nu as the brand ambassador for their drink has not been well received by the online community. Internet users expressed displeasure, questioning the brand's choice and speculating that her stunning physique might be a result of operation rather than proper nutrition.

Alani Nu, a wellness brand offering a wide range of sports nutrition, health, and beauty supplements, including energy drinks, protein bars, and fitness powders, now finds itself caught in the storm of public opinion surrounding Kim's involvement.

Kim Kardashian announces new collaboration

Kim Kardashian commanded attention in a sleek white swimsuit, elevated by stunning diamond accessories—a necklace and ankle bracelet. Her captivating photo series showcased a partnership drink from the company. While the first photo prominently featured the drink, subsequent images cleverly shifted the focus to a vibrant gym backdrop adorned with shiny silver weights. From confidently sitting on the bench press to effortlessly toting weights, Kim's presence was magnetic. In the final snapshot, she effortlessly lifted a lightweight, leaving us inspired and wanting more. She captioned the picture by saying, "KIMADE. Coming soon with," which suggests that she might be releasing her signature drink collaborated with the Alani Nu soon.

'Bad choice on this one'

The internet slammed Kim Kardashian as soon as they saw the collaboration. One user said, "Well all know she doesn’t drink this" while a second user added saying, "This is hilarius.....like she actually does any of this" and a third user added, "damn the downfall of Alani" While some were displeased with the choice of taking 'The Kardashian' star for the collab as one user mentioned, "Ugh. I wish they would've went with someone else." One user added, "I feel like this collab would’ve made more sense for Khloe" and a third user added, "Look good but nutrition? Or operation?" another added along with tagging the nutrition brand and said, "Bad choice on this one" some commented on the picture and trolled her for the way she looked in that picture as one said, "it’s giving SpongeBob with the teddy bears as dumbbells" and a second user added, "Really ? You also go to the gym in a bathing suit and heels." One user simply said, "It's giving desperate."