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Jake Paul lays down condition for fighting in United Kingdom, trolls says 'you’re no professional boxer'

2023-09-23 17:19
Jake Paul has agreed to fight in the UK if his one condition is fulfilled
Jake Paul lays down condition for fighting in United Kingdom, trolls says 'you’re no professional boxer'

CLEVELAND, OHIO: Jake Paul recently described his conditions for participating in the United Kingdom, following the example of other well-known athletes.

Paul won his first fight in the ring in 2020 against fellow YouTuber Ali Eson Gib through a first-round TKO. Nobody, not even "The Problem Child," could have foreseen that three years later, he would be starring in the main boxing matches for his own promotion against well-known combat athletes.

Jake Paul’s terms to compete in UK

Mentioning his terms and conditions, Jake Paul tweeted, “If I ever fight in the UK it will be under the Governing Body of British Boxing. The same as Joe Joyce is this weekend, the same Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, and every other professional boxer. It’s @BBBofCuk or nothing.”

As of right now, Jake Paul has won against former UFC competitors Tyron Woodley, Anderson Silva, Ben Askren, and Nate Diaz.

In August 2023, Paul had defeated Diaz by unanimous decision.

However, Jake Paul battled Tommy Fury in an eight-round fight earlier in February 2023, when he lost by a split decision, handing him his first defeat in the professional ranks.

Internet trolls Jake Paul's UK fight demand

Jake Paul received mixed reactions from people where some even trolled him for his demand. A user said, “But you’re no professional boxer tho” while one said, “Oh yes. More excuses”.

A user added, “So you say oh @KSI no excuses i will fight you under any rules what u want and now ur saying this are u scared jake bc if you was adamant to beat ksi u would take it whatever the rules are ur not even the A side Lmao.”

A user also mentioned, “Yes because you are a professional boxer and play under the fair rules. Unlike some exhibition match” while another user replied, “Nobody wants to see you fight”.