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Who is Selema Masekela? Lupita Nyong'o reveals 'deception' caused dissolution of her relationship with boyfriend

2023-10-20 17:55
Prior to their romance and the breakup post, Lupita Nyong’o had been extremely private about her life
Who is Selema Masekela? Lupita Nyong'o reveals 'deception' caused dissolution of her relationship with boyfriend

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The 'Black Panther' star and her boyfriend, sports commentator Selema Masekela, are reportedly navigating a dry spell in their romantic journey.

Lupita Nyong'o candidly shared on Instagram on October 19 that she is presently going through "a season of heartbreak."

When did Lupita Nyong'o and Selema Masekela start dating?

Lupita Nyong'o and Selema Masekela publicly acknowledged their relationship on Instagram in December 2022, though the exact commencement date of their relationship remains undisclosed.

Nyong’o announced the relationship with an Instagram reel, where they were showing off their outfit changes.

The caption read, “@selema #thisismylove #nuffsaid".

In the context of the recent developments, acknowledging the presence of "much more important things going on in the world right now," the actress expressed her need to disclose a personal truth and publicly distance herself from an individual she can no longer trust.

As she noted, “My thoughts are with those who are deeply suffering,” she also added, “At this moment, it is necessary for me to share a personal truth and publicly dissociate myself from someone I can no longer trust…”

In her words, she detailed finding herself in "a season of heartbreak" due to a love that was abruptly and profoundly extinguished by deception.

She wrote, “I find myself in a season of heartbreak because of a love suddenly and devastatingly extinguished by deception. I am tempted to run into the shadows and hide, only to return to the light when I have regained my strength enough for me to say, “Whatever, my life is better this way.”"

The Oscar winner proceeded to convey her choice to "face the pain," resisting the temptation to escape into the shadows and hide.

Despite the difficulty, Lupita Nyong'o reflected, "I am reminded that the magnitude of the pain I am feeling is equal to the measure of my capacity for love."

She added, “And so, I am choosing to face the pain, cultivating the courage to meet my life exactly as it is, and trusting that this too shall pass. The promise, they say, is that a tender heart is what gives birth to fearlessness.”

She continued, expressing her decision to confront the pain, cultivate courage in facing life as it is, and place trust in the belief that this challenging period will eventually pass.

Is Lupita Nyong'o dating anyone?

Reportedly, Lupita Nyong'o isn't dating anyone yet after the breakup but the 'Us' actress was seen alongside the newly single Joshua Jackson at a Janelle Monae concert in Los Angeles.

Despite swirling rumors, TMZ sources disclosed that Nyong'o and Jackson have been close friends for a long time and attended the concert with a group of people.

Notably, Jackson, 45, recently saw an end to his four-year marriage to Jodie Turner-Smith.

The 40-year-old star of '12 Years A Slave' recently shared her personal feelings openly, hoping that by revealing her current situation, she could provide solace to others experiencing heartbreak.

She wrote, “I hope it’s true… I share this to keep it 💯, and hoping that the knowledge of my experience might be useful to someone else out there experiencing the grip of heartbreak who is poised to try and escape from the pain and miss out on the wisdom that comes from it.”

She ended her detailed Instagram statement with the hashtag "#Breakup," and wrote, “Let’s face our pain so we don’t spread it.”

Consequently, fans noticed that the A-list celebrity had removed all images featuring Selema, the son of South African musician Hugh Masekela, from her Instagram page.

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