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Who is Mike Epps' wife? Comedian's hilarious story about Iceland trip with wife leaves 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' viewers in splits

2023-10-19 21:28
Mike Epps shared details as he said he and his wife went to Iceland on a 'doghouse trip'
Who is Mike Epps' wife? Comedian's hilarious story about Iceland trip with wife leaves 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' viewers in splits

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK CITY: On the October 19 episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', Mike Epps left viewers in splits with the story of his trip to Iceland with his wife, Kyra Epps.

Epps had a hilarious take on the trip, explaining to Kimmel how the Blue Lagoon was looking like Kool-Aid.

'I went to Iceland man!!!'

Kimmel started the conversation about Epps' Iceland trip, stating, "Sure you've been traveling a lot lately," with Epps replying, "Huh! I have, man."

Kimmel continued, "Yeah well, you went to Iceland."

Epps said, "I went to Iceland man!!!"

"What possessed you to go to Iceland?" the host wondered.

"Everybody kept calling me like...'man I see you and your wife on a honeymoon'; I said no that's a doghouse trip," Epps quipped.

As Kimmel sought clarity, Epps explained, "I was in the dog house and I had - yeah."

"Oh, I see!" Kimmel responded. "It's like...uh! You better go on a nice vacation."

"Yeah...We better go on a nice vacation," Epps concurred. "But, my wife, my beautiful wife, she wanted to go to Iceland. She said 'you know I'm tired of laying on these beaches, you're always ready to come home, you're on your phone the whole time.... let's go somewhere interesting.'"

Epps continued, "So I said, all right let's go. We went to Iceland and the whole time I'm standing there I'm like, man, this is some white people sh*t."

"Yes very much," Kimmel agreed.

Epps added, "So yeah and I sit there, you know, [when] I watched this on Discovery Channel, I'm like why the hell are them people there and why would they go there and then I realized I was there. I said, 'damn!'"

"And that can't be fun for your wife, right?" Kimmel probed again.

Epps replied, "My wife was sitting there smiling and laughing. We sitting in the... in a the Blue Lagoon water, you know, that little light blue water; it looked like some Kool-Aid. We were sitting up in there, we had drinks -"

"That sounds nice!" Kimmel interjected.

"It was!" Epps confirmed. "The steam was coming up off of it... so I'm glad I went."

Eventually, Kimmel connected it with a clip from Epps' trip, asking him to describe the contents of the video.

Fans love Mike Epps' story

The 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' has left fans laughing hard. "He's naturally funny! Hilarious interview," someone commented.

Another noted, "Mike still cracks me up. "I ain't ever had that. I'm just tryin' to see what that'd be like," while someone else said, "LOVE MIKE EPPS !!!!"

One comment read, "Love this guy. His standup is incredible." Another said, "Brotha Epps's from tha Streetz: 'blue lagoon looked like Kool-Aid'; 'das a valcano.'" Yet another fan wrote, "Well what fun this interview was! A cool, multifaceted guy who would be too fun to hang out with - good vid."

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