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Where is Jovi Pena now? Internet star claims she was raped by Kai Cenat's friend at New Year's party hosted by YouTuber

2023-08-05 15:16
YouTuber Kai Cenat was arrested in NYC after his PS5 giveaway sparked chaos and a massive police response
Where is Jovi Pena now? Internet star claims she was raped by Kai Cenat's friend at New Year's party hosted by YouTuber

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Twitch streamer Kai Cenat found himself in hot water after his PS5 giveaway in New York City led to a massive crowd and a significant police response. More than 2,000 people gathered at Union Square Park, hoping to score free PlayStation 5 devices during the event. However, this is not Cenat's first encounter with legal troubles, as he was previously mired in a rape allegation from TikToker, Jovi Pena, in January.

On January 6, Pena took to social media to accuse Cenat's friend, Djigui Sack, of rape at a New Year's Eve party Cenat hosted in New York. She shared her story and called out Cenat for not offering help during the incident, providing screenshots of their conversation. Cenat responded the next day, vehemently denying any form of sexual assault, expressing sympathy for Pena, and stating that he had no knowledge of the incident.

Where is Jovi Pena now?

Jovi Pena seems to be embracing a vibrant lifestyle in Miami, as depicted in her Instagram feed. Her pictures showcase her enjoying nightlife at clubs, relaxing by the pool, and leisurely exploring the beautiful city. Despite the previous allegations, she appears to be living life to the fullest and savoring the vibrant atmosphere Miami has to offer.

Kai Cenat's friend responds to the allegations

Djigui Seck, also known as Jiggy, initially remained silent in response to Pena's accusation. However, on April 24, he posted a video of the alleged incident on Twitter, which was later taken down for violating the platform's rules. In the video, he denied the accusations made against him. He wrote, "I Chose To Remain Silent All This Time For Multiple Reasons. 1 . It Was Advised By My Attorney . 2. I Wanted Her To Fully Detail Her 'Account' For That Night , So She Cant Make Anything Else Up When The FACTS Came Out . 3. I Was Not Going Back N Forth With Her Or Millions Of Ppl." Seck added, "4. I Thought Clearing my name would be a much quicker process but it clearly wasn’t. 5 . I wanted to see how she was gone act after she said all that .. Definitely Not Like No Victim 6. I Just Simply Didn’t know what was to come."

In response to the video and denial posted by Seck, Pena strongly refuted the claim that the encounter was consensual and disputed other details, such as the suggestion that she was smiling. She criticized Seck's decision to post the video, accusing him of using misogyny to his advantage and expressing concern that it would negatively impact how she is perceived on the internet. "YOU RAPED ME WITHOUT CONSENT. [Recorded] ME WITHOUT CONSENT. I didn’t force sh*t you f**king loser. You did this to yourself. I left you alone after I exposed your ugly a**," Pena tweeted.

After the controversy surrounding the video, Seck announced that he would no longer be discussing the situation on Twitter and would be leaving the platform. He confirmed that Twitter had instructed him to take down the video, or else his account would be removed. On the other hand, Cenat has remained silent on the matter since January and has not made any public statements regarding the situation.

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