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Was Sinead O'Connor being stalked? Irish singer voiced concerns about 'violent' woman following her online just days before death

2023-07-30 19:51
Days before her death, Irish singer Sinead O'Connor took to Twitter to inform her fans about the situations of being stalked on social media
Was Sinead O'Connor being stalked? Irish singer voiced concerns about 'violent' woman following her online just days before death

LONDON, ENGLAND: Days before her death, Sinead O'Connor was worried that she was being stalked. The rebellious singer even informed her fans about the situation. As per the tweets she made in July, there was a woman who was trying to impersonate her online and a man who was trying to pose as her boyfriend. O'Connor was found unresponsive in her London apartment on Wednesday, July 26. She was later declared dead.

However, it was said that an autopsy would be conducted, and the reports would take some days to come. While an investigation is still ongoing into the death of the 'Nothing Compares 2 U' singer at 56, it should be noted here that the police are not treating her death as suspicious.

Was Sinead O'Connor being stalked?

Shortly after returning to London in July, O'Connor posted a series of tweets on her social media channel where she spoke about being stalked. In one tweet on July 15, the Grammy-winning songstress wrote, "The account in this photo is not me. Please read all Twitter usernames closely: This one says 787. And the zero isn’t a zero. Pls check my official page or tweet my managers on it for my actual username if confused," after sharing a snapshot of the account.

Soon after, she shared another post where she wrote, "Also a warning, previously an extremely disturbed male sexual predator pretended to be me on Twitter: Please NEVER engage with anyone claiming to be any celeb, without confirming they are who they say they are. This can be achieved by contact with their management."

O'Connor wrote in another tweet, "Also there is one stalker. Female. Violent: again, NEVER engage with anyone claiming they know me without asking my management."

Probably trying to bust her imposters, O'Connor wrote in another, "Also, with great pride I can state I never asked anyone for money nor took money from anyone at all for any reason at all since at 18 I ceased needing financial support from my father. Ergo I’m the last female on earth who will ever ask you for money. Matter of pride, dears." Adding in a second tweet, she wrote, "I’m the type who wouldn’t have a problem scrubbing toilets if I needed money. Matter of pride.100% financially independent since 1985. Will always stay that way. In fact I quite enjoy scrubbing toilets ." She further added, "So if I never asked my father for money, nor the fathers of my children, I’m not gonna be asking you guys !!!"

At the end of the string of tweets, she gave the reason also. O'Connor wrote, "Also please note I only follow news outlets and Ballet info. I do not follow my friends, family or fans. This is for reasons of protecting you from predators. Anyone claiming to be me, following you, is not me."

A source said to The Sun that, “Sinead felt very uncomfortable. She had started a new life in ­London but this person was making her feel on edge," before adding, “Sinead confided in people and said she’d had gifts she believed to be from this person. It was upsetting.”

'The death is not being treated as suspicious'

The London Metropolitan Police opined, however, that the “death is not being treated as suspicious.” In their statement released on Thursday, July 27, the police said, "Police were called at 11:18 hrs on Wednesday, 26 July, to reports of an unresponsive woman at a residential address in the SE24 area.” They continued, "Officers attended. A 56-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene. Next of kin have been notified. The death is not being treated as suspicious. A file will be prepared for the Coroner," per the Irish Independent.

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