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'This is sick': Janet Jackson, 57, slammed for sharing a steamy kiss with 24-year-old backup dancer Dario Boatner on stage

2023-06-06 12:55
The incident took place at one of Janet Jackson's recent stops on her Together Again tour
'This is sick': Janet Jackson, 57, slammed for sharing a steamy kiss with 24-year-old backup dancer Dario Boatner on stage

AUSTIN, TEXAS: Janet Jackson's highly anticipated Together Again tour is currently underway, captivating audiences across North America. The tour commenced on April 14, 2023, in Hollywood, Florida, and will culminate in Seattle on June 21, 2023. Get ready to be enthralled by the legendary Janet Jackson as she takes the stage in a remarkable showcase of her timeless talent.

During Janet's recent show in Austin, Texas, she made headlines as she smooched a 24-year-old dancer Dario Boatner on stage. The 57-year-old singer, known for her energetic performances, shared a steamy moment with Dario, who has previously collaborated with notable artists and singers in Hollywood. The incident sparked a flurry of online discussion, with some highlighting the significant age difference between the two.

Who is Dario Boatner?

Dario Boatner, a 24-year-old dancer and choreographer hailing from Detroit, Michigan, embarked on his dance journey at the tender age of six. Currently residing between Florida and Los Angeles, California, he relentlessly pursues his dreams of becoming a professional dancer, choreographer, and creative director. Dario's remarkable career includes serving as the former Assistant Director of Motiv Mega Crew from Motiv Dance in Orlando. He has showcased his talent on Season 3 of Jennifer Lopez's 'World of Dance' and been featured in music videos alongside renowned artists such as Camila Cabello in 'Don't Go Yet', and Daddy Yankee in 'Problema'. Dario has also graced the stages of SavagexFenty by Rihanna, performed with The Weeknd at the LV Super Bowl, and shared captivating moments with Daddy Yankee on esteemed platforms like 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' and 'Good Morning America.' Collaborating with industry giants like J Balvin, Thalía, and Rauw, he has consistently showcased his versatility as a dancer and model, working under the guidance of esteemed director Jesse Santos for Paul Mitchell's Caper 2017. As a 'Monsters of Hip Hop' alumni, Dario's remarkable journey extends beyond dance as he also owns Definition By Dario, a clothing brand.

'Janet you old as hell mama'

The internet buzzed with comments about the noticeable age gap between the 57-year-old singer and the young dancer, sparking ongoing discussions about the passionate on-stage kiss they shared "Janet u old as hell mama" and another added disgusted by the incident, "That’s creepy….". The internet was concerned about the thoughts provoking question that had it been a man the scenario would have been different and so one user wrote, "Can you give her the same energy you would give to a 57yr old man kissing a 23yrs old girl? I’m sure the comments would have been filled with unnecessary hate ... " As another user added, "Janet is damn near 60 on stage kissing somebody old enough to be her GRANDCHILD ..." Some people loathed the smooch session in the concert and one user wrote, "This is sick. That’s a child compared to her. Y’all be giving famous people passes that regular folk wouldn’t get." Another user added, "Had this been a male superstar and a young impressionable backup dancer. Y’all would be ripping him to shreds right now"

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