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Swiftie rage swells amid Omid Scobie's bizarre claims about Taylor Swift and King Charles' coronation

2023-12-03 15:27
Taylor Swift fans slam Omid Scobie for claiming in his book that the singer declined to perform in King Charles' Royal Concert
Swiftie rage swells amid Omid Scobie's bizarre claims about Taylor Swift and King Charles' coronation

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Taylor Swift fans have weighed in on the Omid Scobie controversy, which broke after the Royal biographer claimed the 12-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter turned down King Charles on his Coronation.

Omid, 42, is the latest target of Swifties, the pop star's ardent supporters who are known for vehemently shielding the singer from any disparaging remarks made about her.

Omid stated in his latest book 'Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival', that the 33-year-old hitmaker, turned down an invitation to perform at King Charles' coronation in May, overlooking the fact that she was on tour in America, at the time, for her sold-out Eras Tour.

What else did the Swifties have to say against Omid’s allegations?

One Taylor Swift fan noted on X (formerly Twitter), “Taylor Swift was in the middle of her ERAS tour. I WAS AT THE SHOW IN NASHVILLE THE NIGHT OF THE CORONATION. Delete this.”

On May 6, Swift was indeed performing the last of her three concerts as part of ‘Eras Tour’ in Nashville, Tennessee, on the same date as the King’s coronation.

Swifties were also quick to point out that the ‘Lavender Haze’ singer also turned down a handwritten offer by Meghan Markle to appear on her podcast, which was not mentioned in Scobie's explosive book.

Scobie did mention in his book that many other musicians also declined invitations to perform at the coronation, as most artists did not want to associate themselves with the monarchy due to its past scandals.

According to him, finding artists to perform at the King Charles’ Royal concert became increasingly “a challenge” for organizers.

Despite this, the concert was still attended by 20,000 fans, and eventually, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, Andrea Bocelli, Nicole Scherzinger, and British pop group ‘Take That’ agreed to perform at the ceremony.

Internet comes to Taylor Swift’s defense against Omid Scobie’s allegations

It is amateur for anybody to go against Taylor Swift, considering her enormous fanbase and how vocal they can be when anybody portrays her in a bad light.

Royal expert Omid Scobie should’ve come to know that firsthand, considering the hordes of Swifties on X that have reacted to the news and admonished him for not getting his facts straight.

One X user wrote, "You don’t ever ever ever mess with the swifties!"

Another user quipped, "Hell hath no fury like a Swiftie when someone disses Taylor. Scobie will rue the day he took them on."

Another user asked, "Remember there were others who supposedly 'snubbed' Charles for his Coronation but most of them came out & said they weren't invited Wonder why Scooby picked on Taylor? Wouldn't someone in his AMERICAN publishing house know Taylor was on a tour at the time of the Coronation?"

"You don’t mess with the Swifties and live to tell the tale," one user tweeted.

Another X user wrote, "Now that’s really it for him you don’t piss off a swiftie"

Another user expected legal troubles for the writer and remarked, "Hopefully scobie will get sued by Taylor Swift 's lawyer's, maybe lots of court cases coming after scobie"

One fan said, "He’s in for it now, there’s nothing worse than the wrath of the Swifties. Go get’im."

One user hailed the might of Taylor Swift's fan base and tweeted, "The swifties are a force. They will defend her and do it well. Lets hope that they continue to be enraged. It will definitely add a new level to the sussexes' downfall."