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‘Sister Wives’ star Robyn Brown accused of ‘trying to control’ Kody Brown and their daughters: ‘She rules that man’

2023-06-26 12:16
Robyn Brown has been held responsible for Christine, Meri and Janelle Brown breaking away from the family
‘Sister Wives’ star Robyn Brown accused of ‘trying to control’ Kody Brown and their daughters: ‘She rules that man’

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA: 'Sister Wives' stars Kody Robyn Brown said their goodbyes to Christine Brown, Meri Brown, and Janelle Brown a long time ago. The two are no longer part of a polygamous lifestyle despite wishing the opposite. Robyn has been held responsible for the breakage of the family as she has been an overpowering influence and also apparently controlled and manipulated Kody in many ways to have this life. From her strict covid rules to her controlling attitude towards Kody to look after her children only, she has proved herself to be a master manipulator and gaslighter according to people on the internet.

In a cruel farewell, Kody denied his youngest child, Ariella, the opportunity to hug her half-sister Truely, while Robyn and her other three children showed no affection. The internet has been ablaze since then as the topic recently caught fans's attention, they were quick to Robyn's treachery. After that, they were quick to call her manipulative and a gaslighter.


Robyn Brown and Kody Brown's cruel goodbye

Fans were quick to notice a concerning moment when Kody refused to let his youngest child, Ariella, give a goodbye hug to her half-sister, Christine's daughter Truely. What made it even more noticeable was that Robyn and her other children showed no effort to display any affection towards Truely. Social media exploded with criticism directed towards Kody and Robyn, highlighting the fact that the children had recently returned to school and were interacting with their classmates. To add fuel to the fire, viewers pointed out that in the episode, Mykelti, Christine's older daughter, had visited Robyn and her children, and they showered her with affection without hesitation. The stark contrast between these situations sparked a wave of backlash and concern among fans, highlighting the importance of consistent and equal displays of affection within the family. Therefore, the cruel goodbye sparked controversy and it was brought to light again by a Reddit user, who highlighted the issue and called Robyn manipulative and said she is a gaslighter.

Toxic Grifters, Gaslighters, and Bullies= Robyn & Kody
by u/Salty-Entertainer-29 in SisterWives

'Kody became a Parrot of Robyn’s manipulations'

One user said, "Wonder if he will enjoy being manipulated by her once its just them 2," while a second user added, "It’s almost as if Robyn helped him fine tune his manipulative nature." One user also said, "Kody became a Parrot of Robyn’s manipulations. She’s an artist at having others do her dirty work and playing innocent," while another agreed, adding, "Robyn rules that man, he is so weak." They also slammed Robyn for her daughters' upbringing and toxic traits as one user said, "Robyn never takes responsibility for anything bad," while another said, "Even Robyn’s two older daughters were part of the toxic cruelty in the goodbye scene." Another user sympathized with the children living in that environment, saying, "I feel for the kids. It will be a miracle if they can function normally without her trying to control their lives well into adulthood."