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'Send that man to the closest clinic': Matty Healy trolled for kissing security guard in viral video

2023-06-03 21:54
The 1975 frontman gained attention on social media on Friday after kissing a security guard at his concert
'Send that man to the closest clinic': Matty Healy trolled for kissing security guard in viral video

DUNDEE, SCOTLAND: Matty Healy has been a recurrent topic of discussion in the media over the past few months because of his alleged relationship with American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. After Swift's reported breakup with her six-year partner Joe Alwyn, romance is said to have begun between the two pop stars.

On Friday, June 2, Healy, a member of the band The 1975, became a trending topic online due to his "muah" behavior during a recent performance. Healy was spotted kissing a security guard at his The 1975 concert in the viral footage.

Matty Healy's 'muah' act on stage

The 34-year-old English singer gained attention on social media on Friday after kissing a security guard at his concert. The singer has a reputation for being controversial on stage. During his performances, he has engaged in a number of dubious acts that have also been documented by the camera. His followers would not be surprised by this, but some haters are finding the video difficult to take in.

In the video, obtained by Pop Base, the singer can be seen leaning toward a security guy and grabbing him by the shirt in order to kiss him. He repeats the action, this time giving him a peck and a side embrace.

Swifties have been wondering what's going on between the two after seeing the leader of The 1975 out and about with Swift, and the two spending a lot of time together. Given that Swift is a private person, particularly when it comes to her romantic relationships, it is also safe to anticipate that she won't be responding to the rumors or suppositions any time soon.

Matty Healy delivers cryptic message

Healy continues to devote all of his attention to music, amid recent rumors that he is dating the pop diva. Healy made an effort to dispel the relationship rumors by intentionally avoiding talking about his romantic relationships at a concert over the weekend. Healy introduced his band's performance on BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend with a cryptic message to the crowd. "Is it all a bit? Is it sincere?" He mused, "Will he ever address it?"

Healy says that none of these questions will be addressed, per People. "All of these questions and more will be ignored in the next hour. Ladies and gentlemen, this is The 1975," was stated to thunderous applause.

'You know how I know you’re gay'

Fans left no stone unturned and immediately took to social media to troll Taylor Swift's rumored boyfriend. One Twitter user said, "Send that man to the closest clinic." A second follower quipped, "“You know how I know you’re gay” - Seth Rogen." A third one wrote, "Taylor please leave him." A fourth one snarked, "Taylor Swift, it’s still time to move on. We will pretend all of this never happened." Another Twitter user typed, "I won't listen to Taylor Swift's music anymore until she breaks up with him."

Someone else chimed in, "I smell the next hit single courtesy of Ms. Taylor Swift…I can see the title now “Sense of Security." Another Twitter user went a step ahead and allegedly labeled Healy's act as harassment and wrote, "That is the most disrespectful action of Matty toward a security guard. You can’t just grab someone who is standing there doing their job and kiss them . It is violation of rights. You can not even touch them , not even to think about kissing them. It is harassment on their job."

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