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Ryan Garcia discusses potential winner in Jake Paul vs KSI fight: 'I will blow them out'

2023-12-01 20:56
Ryan Garcia predicts winner in Jake Paul and KSI's match, despite KSI's bitterness towards him
Ryan Garcia discusses potential winner in Jake Paul vs KSI fight: 'I will blow them out'

CLEVELAND, OHIO: Jake Paul and KSI have one of the greatest rivalries in the influencer boxing world. Although the two internet sensations have not yet faced one another, fans could not resist speculating about their possible matchup.

On paper, their fight looks to be competitive, which makes it intriguing. They are both of similar age, experience and have only suffered one defeat at the hands of Tommy Fury.

Unexpectedly, boxer Ryan Garcia also expressed his views on the topic by making a prediction before his rematch with boxer Oscar Duarte.

Ryan Garcia supports Jake Paul

Garcia has previously trained with 'The Problem Child' and is close to him. However, Garcia didn't seem to respond quickly or decisively when asked about a prediction.

After giving it, some thought for a few seconds, he said with confidence, "Jake Paul."

In the past, he has been very clear about his support for the 26-year-old.

In the interim, KSI has acknowledged feeling some bitterness toward 'Kingry'. KSI, surprised everyone with his performance against Fury recently and their fight seems to have been more competitive than previously believed.

Even though Garcia is a friend and supporter of Paul, the fact that he took the time to make his prediction speaks volumes about the same.

KSI had previously considered getting into a brawl with Garcia. However, 'Kingry' deemed this idea to be impolite and cautioned KSI and other influencers against acting in such a manner.

Garcia has also revealed in the past that he finds comparisons between himself and other boxers disrespectful and believes that he can defeat them in a spectacular way inside the ring.

“I will blow them out the water in the same day within three to four rounds man,” he said after giving it some thought.

What are Jake Paul's plans for 2024?

Jake Paul aims to win his next fight against Andre August after a difficult fight with Tommy Fury in 2023. Paul spoke with MMAFightingonSBN about his future plans in a recent interview.

The host questioned the boxer about how many fights he plans to take part in in the upcoming year. "For sure two-three and staying on that cadence…. staying sharp and growing," Paul shot back.

Paul also revealed that he is going to try his best to win the world title. Towards this goal, he spends most of his time in the gym as a means of challenging himself to get better.

He said that he has also developed tunnel vision and has stopped distractions to reach his next goal.

“I’m gonna become a world champion or die trying. So, it’s kinda you know all units forward and just working towards that goal,” he further added.

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