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Robert De Niro's call for Dems to reach out to Trump supporters 'with respect' wins Internet Sanity Award

2023-11-22 16:52
Robert De Niro's impassioned plea at The New Republic’s 'Stop Trump Summit' has resonated widely online
Robert De Niro's call for Dems to reach out to Trump supporters 'with respect' wins Internet Sanity Award

NEW YORK CITY: In a powerful and unexpected move that has garnered widespread attention, Robert De Niro delivered a compelling message at The New Republic’s 'Stop Trump Summit,' urging Democrats to engage respectfully with Trump supporters.

Robert De Niro offers poignant solution to bridge the political chasm

Despite being absent from the event due to his recovery from Covid-19, the iconic actor penned his thoughts, which were read by former Trump administration official Miles Taylor in New York City, as per HuffPost.

De Niro's impassioned message didn't mince words. Drawing on his extensive career and insights into portraying various shades of characters, he stated, "I’ve spent a lot of time studying bad men. I’ve examined their characteristics, their mannerisms, the utter banality of their cruelty. Yet there’s something different about Donald Trump. When I look at him, I don’t see a bad man. Truly. I see an evil one."

The Oscar-winning actor, known for his vocal criticism of Trump, emphasized the severity of a potential return to power for the ex-president in 2024. He highlighted Trump's lack of moral compass, describing him as a "wannabe tough guy with no morals or ethics," expressing concerns about the detrimental impact on democracy if such leadership were to prevail.

De Niro's poignant solution to bridge the political chasm resonated profoundly, "The solution lies in reaching out to Trump supporters with respect. They're not stupid, and we must not condemn them for making a stupid choice. Our future doesn’t just depend on us. It depends on them."

Internet erupts in support of Robert De Niro's call for unity

The internet erupted in support of De Niro's call for unity. Users across social media lauded his stance, with one remarking, "I haven't heard anything more true in a long time. This was great." Another echoed, "Spot on Robert."

A third user added their voice, stating, "So agree." Meanwhile, another individual remarked, "Nails it."

Further validating De Niro's impact, a fifth user expressed, "This is actually one of the more meaningful, complete and yet concise summaries on that guy that I’ve read or heard."

Robert De Niro's ex-assistant awarded $1.2M in gender discrimination case

In a recent development, De Niro made headlines due to a lawsuit filed by his former personal assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, citing gender discrimination.

The jury ruled in favor of Robinson, awarding her over $1.2 million as compensation for enduring a hostile work environment attributed to one of De Niro's companies, according to AP News.

Although the jury did not hold De Niro personally accountable for the mistreatment, it found his company, Canal Productions, responsible for gender discrimination and retaliatory actions against Robinson. The verdict mandated two payments totaling $632,142 to be made to her.

During the two-week trial, De Niro participated for three days, including two days testifying as a witness. This legal conflict has persisted since Robinson resigned in April 2019, resulting in ongoing lawsuits between her and De Niro. Notably, the actor was absent from the courtroom when the verdict was announced on the afternoon of November 9.

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