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Pokimane's hilarious reaction to Erobb221's 'ogre lounging' clip goes viral: 'Was going to say something I probably shouldn't'

2023-10-04 18:45
At 'QTCinderella's' charitable event, a piece of artwork featuring fellow content creator Eric 'Erobb221' caught Pokimane's attention
Pokimane's hilarious reaction to Erobb221's 'ogre lounging' clip goes viral: 'Was going to say something I probably shouldn't'

CALIFORNIA: Pokimane reacts to viral Erobb221 artwork during live stream.

On October 2, 2023, the renowned Twitch star Imane 'Pokimane' returned to her channel, treating her fans to a lively broadcast where she explored various streamer's items auctioned off at Blaire 'QTCinderella's' charitable event, 'The Gala for Good.'

During this entertaining stream, one particular item caught Pokimane's attention—a piece of artwork featuring fellow content creator Eric 'Erobb221'.

Pokimane was amazed by Erobb221's 'Ogre Lounging' Clip's massive popularity

While Pokimane was going through the auctioned items, her attention was captivated by the artwork featuring Erobb221. The humor and charm of this piece became apparent as fans shared the viral 'Ogre Lounging' clip associated with the streamer.

Upon watching the clip, Pokimane couldn't contain her laughter. However, what truly astonished her was the remarkable number of views the clip had accumulated—over 1.6 million.

She couldn't help but jest about it, saying, "Erobb shirtless has more views than most girls shirtless would probably get. That's incredible! I hope he feels like a king."

The unexpected fame of Erobb221's 'Ogre' video left Pokimane in awe. She humorously acknowledged the viral success, stating, "Those are real motherf**king views!"

Around 25 minutes into her livestream, Pokimane came across the Erobb221 artwork, sparking instant excitement among her viewers. Many fans requested that she enable a Twitch emote known as 'Ogre' to commemorate the hilarious moment.

Amused by her chat room suddenly filled with viewers spamming the 'Ogre' emote, Pokimane wondered if this playful act might violate Twitch's Terms of Service (ToS).

She humorously remarked, "Oh, I guess you really do want to use it! Slay. I don't think this is ToS. 'It's a shirtless guy and, apparently, shirtless guys are okay.' Like, let's be for real... I was going to say something I probably shouldn't. I'm not going to say. All good."

Pokimane celebrates erobb221's viral Twitch clip views

During her livestream, the beloved Twitch personality Imane 'Pokimane' couldn't help but express her astonishment at the remarkable success of fellow streamer Eric 'Erobb221's viral Twitch clip.

Pokimane emphasized the significance of Twitch clip views, which she regarded as "real" in comparison to views on platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts.

As Pokimane discovered the staggering 1.6 million views on Erobb221's 'Ogre Lounging' clip, she couldn't conceal her amazement. She took a moment to acknowledge the distinct nature of Twitch clip views, which, in her view, carry a special significance.

With enthusiasm, she exclaimed, "1.6 million! And listen, guys, these are Twitch clip views. Like, those are real motherf**king views. We're not talking about f**king TikTok views or Shorts on YouTube views. These are real f**king views! Respect."

Pokimane revisited the 'Ogre' painting that had garnered attention at QTCinderella's charitable event.

She humorously commented on its newfound significance in the Twitch community, saying, "You know, now that I've seen that clip, this is actually beautiful. This is art. 'It's in every LSF (LivestreamFail subreddit) thread.' That's funny."

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