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PewDiePie: How many dogs does fan favorite YouTuber and cynophile have?

2023-05-23 16:47
PewDiePie is very fond of dogs and often posts videos about the ones he owns
PewDiePie: How many dogs does fan favorite YouTuber and cynophile have?

PewDiePie has often shown a lot of love for dogs online. He expressed his fondness for dogs in various videos and social media posts, often sharing heartwarming moments and stories involving his own pets.

PewDiePie and his wife, Marzia Kjellberg, owned multiple dogs over the years and shared their experiences with their followers. Here's the number of dogs the fan favorite YouTuber has.


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1. Maya

PewDiePie had a one-eyed pug named Maya, who died in December 2022 at 17. He said that Maya had been ill in a string of YouTube broadcasts earlier in 2022. He said the pooch had dementia. On December 18, 2022, PewDiePie and Kjellberg announced on Instagram that Maya had died, while expressing his gratitude to his steadfast companion for all the times she made him happy.

2. Edgar

PewDiePie has another pug called Edgar Allan, named after the poet and writer Edgar Allan Poe. He jokingly refers to Edgar as "Edgar Allan Pug." On October 13, 2013, PewDiePie uploaded a 'Fridays with PewDiePie' episode, titled 'MA NEW DOGE', and Kjellberg uploaded a video, titled 'MEET EDGAR!', in which they introduced Edgar. The dog is 10 years old.

3. Momo

The newest addition to PewDiePie’s family is Momo, who was adopted days before Maya died. A few days following Maya's death, Kjellberg posted an update on YouTube stating they had welcomed a new puppy into their home, whom they named Momo, which is short for peach in Japanese. Momo, often referred to as a chug, is a pug and a chihuahua mix. PewDiePie said that he and Kjellberg had adopted Momo their new puppy before Maya died and all three were introduced to one another in a November 2022 video.

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