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MrBeast: Is Tom Brady’s retirement over? NFL legend jokes about comeback after knocking out YouTube King’s drone in first try aboard $300M yacht

2023-06-12 14:29
Tom Brady's children joined him on MrBeast's Yacht video and thought that their father would not be able to break the drone in one shot
MrBeast: Is Tom Brady’s retirement over? NFL legend jokes about comeback after knocking out YouTube King’s drone in first try aboard $300M yacht

GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA: Tom Brady, a retired NFL quarterback, collaborated with the YouTube sensation MrBeast for his latest video. In their incredible endeavor, Brady ended up breaking MrBeast's drone with a football in a single motion while the two were aboard a $300 million yacht.

Brady, 45, made a joke about coming off retirement if he hit the drone on the first try, and then he did. The seven-time Super Bowl winner was joined by his children, who thought he wouldn't be able to accomplish the almost impossible task.

'$1 vs $1,000,000,000 Yacht'

According to MrBeast, his latest video titled '$1 vs $1,000,000,000 Yacht!' that he posted on June 10, gained the second-highest number of views on YouTube in the first 24 hours. The one at the top is a video of Chris Rock getting smacked by Will Smith at the Oscars.

MrBeast tested out several boats in the video that cost him from $1 to a whopping $1 billion. Having said that, there is absolutely no chance of Brady entering the league again just because he dropped a drone. He had confirmed that his decision to quit was final on February 1.

Tom Brady impressed MrBeast

Brady's remarkable precision made an impression on MrBeast even before he completed the drone task. In response to MrBeast's startled expression, Brady stated that his accuracy was the reason he had been paid in the NFL for such a long time. He also made a spectacular throw in the video at a friend of MrBeast, who was on a jet ski. Naturally, the guy on the jet ski was unable to catch Brady's flawlessly thrown football.

The quarterback, who has since retired, said that if he hit MrBeast's drone on the first try, he could consider coming out of retirement for just one time. Despite his daughter Vivian's skepticism, he inevitably succeeded on the first try. Brady remarked, "I think it's the nicest boat in the world," about the yacht after spending time with MrBeast and his crew.

‘What an inspiration’

Many fans were impressed with MrBeast's yacht video and appreciated how far he has reached in his YouTube career. A fan commented, “Jimmy went from filming in his room to filming with Pete Davidson and Tom Brady. What an inspiration,” while another wrote, “The fact that this man rented the world's biggest cruise ship is insane! Huge respect from ship enthusiasts!” “The commitment that Jimmy and his team puts into trying to entertain his audience is insane. Respect,” wrote one.

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