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Mandy Moore's stern response to SAG-AFTRA's ridiculous Halloween request splits Internet

2023-10-22 17:52
Mandy Moore's recent critique of SAG-AFTRA's Halloween costume guidelines has set off a vigorous debate online
Mandy Moore's stern response to SAG-AFTRA's ridiculous Halloween request splits Internet

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Renowned actress Mandy Moore, known for her roles in 'This Is Us' and 'Chasing Liberty', recently sparked a heated debate online by strongly opposing the Halloween costume guidelines issued by the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA).

Moore took to social media to express her disapproval of the guild's Halloween costume rules, which were designed to guide performers who want to dress up as film or TV characters for the spooky holiday.

Mandy Moore's passionate response sparks heated debate

According to the New York Post, the 39-year-old actress shared an article about the costume ban from Variety and voiced her concerns over it on her Instagram Stories.

In her response, Moore wrote, "Is this a joke? Come on SAG-AFTRA."

She went on to question the importance of these guidelines and asked, "This is what's important? We're asking you to negotiate in good faith on our behalf."

She continued, "So many folks across every aspect of this industry have been sacrificing mightily for months. Get back to the table and get a fair deal so everyone can get back to work. Please and thank you."

SAG-AFTRA, in a blog post on their website, detailed their rules for Halloween costumes for October 31.

They suggested that members should opt for costumes inspired by generalized characters and figures, such as ghosts, zombies, or spiders. Notably, they discouraged sharing costumes based on popular projects like 'Wednesday', 'Barbie', and 'Oppenheimer' on social media.

The reasoning behind this was to maintain solidarity with the ongoing actors' strike and to avoid giving studios undue publicity.

Mandy Moore's personal stakes in ongoing labor dispute

Mandy Moore's opposition to these rules is not surprising, given her active participation in the strike since it commenced in July.

She had previously expressed her concerns about the residuals issue, sharing her experiences of receiving minuscule payments for residual streaming revenue from her successful series 'This Is Us'.

She emphasized that while she and her co-stars were fortunate to have enjoyed success, many actors in similar positions have struggled to make a living due to dwindling residuals.

Mandy Moore's stern response to SAG-AFTRA's Halloween request has sparked discussions across social media and beyond.

It highlights the ongoing tensions within the entertainment industry, where performers are calling for fair compensation and benefits while juggling the challenges of the ongoing actors' strike.

Internet divides over Mandy Moore's response to SAG-AFTRA's ridiculous Halloween request

Mandy Moore's outspoken criticism of SAG-AFTRA's Halloween costume guidelines has triggered a lively debate across social media. People from various walks of life are sharing their opinions on the matter, and it's clear that there is a spectrum of viewpoints.

One social media user wrote, "I totally get where Mandy Moore is coming from,It seems like she's frustrated with SAG-AFTRA's focus on Halloween costume rules instead of addressing more pressing issues. Hopefully, they can come to a fair agreement soon so everyone can get back to work in the industry. "

Another wrote, "What should they be doing? The studios walked away. At least in the meantime the actors could stand with their leadership. I mean, damn, WGA really was the standard for this, huh."

"I’m glad sombody was brave enough to speak up because that rule is absolutely ridiculous," commented one

One user wrote, "Damn why she bein so rude they’ve been at the table tirelessly negotiating on everyone in the industry’s behalf."

Another wrote, "What are all the basic girls gonna be for Halloween now if they can't be Barbie!?!"

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