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Kim Kardashian fuels romance rumors with Tom Brady in vacation pictures: ‘They move fast huh’

2023-07-08 11:26
Kim Kardashian posed for the camera while riding a bike and showed off her figure in a full-body picture wearing a pink bikini
Kim Kardashian fuels romance rumors with Tom Brady in vacation pictures: ‘They move fast huh’

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Kim Kardashian has shared fresh images of herself in a bright pink outfit that shows off her delicate figure. Curious admirers, however, continue to associate her recent holiday photos with her rumored lover, Tom Brady, claiming the photos were taken at his home.

Kim and Tom have sparked relationship rumors in recent months, which have enraged fans. From a romantic dinner to a Hamptons party, we look at the signs that the NFL great and the SKKN entrepreneur are dating. The US Sun exclusively revealed in May that Kim and Tom had dinner after she contacted him for real estate guidance. According to a source close to the famous Kardashian sister, she's been "getting [vacation property] advice" from Tom. Fans observed Tom hanging out with a member of the Kardashian family's closest circle just weeks after their rumored meal. Michael Rubin hosted a luncheon, which both the sportsman and Astroworld artist Travis Scott attended. Kim and Tom both attended a Fourth of July party in the Hamptons last weekend, which fueled the rumor mill.

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Kim flaunts ultra-tiny waist in pink bikini as she rides a bike

Kim updated her Instagram with fresh photographs and captioned them with various vacation emojis. She was wearing a Barbie pink bikini with a strapless top and see-through mesh trousers in the photos. In the images, her petite waist and hourglass form were evident. Her hair was tied back in an untidy bun, and she wore no jewelry or accessories.

In one of the photographs, the Skims founder was riding a blue and black bicycle with a basket. In the second shot, the Hulu celebrity was posing for the camera on the sidewalk. Both photos were taken from a distance, preventing 'The Kardashians' star's social media fans from getting a close-up look at her face.

'Has Tom showed you his super bowl rings yet?'

Critics and followers of 'The Kardashians' on Reddit went crazy over the photographs, but they couldn't see Kim because of the distance. One Redditor questioned, "Why Are Kim’s Pics Taken So Far Away Lately?" To which another user replied, "Photo shop is less obvious maybe? 🤷‍♀️." Another quipped, "So we can’t zoom right in and see her pillow face." A fourth user added, "The better to hide the photoshop."

On Instagram, fans commented under Kim's post claiming, "That tom brady house." While someone else asked, "Is that Tom Brady house?" Another person chimed in, "they move fast huh 🤣." "Has Tom showed you his super bowl rings yet?" quipped another.

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