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'Just drives me crazy': Here's why Kate Hudson 'couldn't stand' Matthew McConaughey in 'Fool's Gold'

2023-06-09 15:25
After their successful collaboration in the 2003's 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days', the duo reunited for the romantic comedy 'Fool's Gold' in 2008
'Just drives me crazy': Here's why Kate Hudson 'couldn't stand' Matthew McConaughey in 'Fool's Gold'

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: For decades, Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey have captivated audiences with their undeniable chemistry and remarkable performances. After their successful collaboration in the 2003 hit rom-com 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days', the dynamic duo reunited for the adventure-filled romantic comedy 'Fool's Gold' in 2008. However, it appears that Hudson's affection for McConaughey reached such heights during their second film venture that she quipped she "couldn't stand him".

Unmatched Chemistry

Their incredible on-screen connection was apparent from the very beginning. Their electrifying chemistry was evident even during the screentest for 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days', leaving everyone in the room convinced that they were witnessing the birth of an extraordinary on-screen couple. Reflecting on their remarkable rapport, Hudson shared in a recent interview, "I think everybody in the room was, like, ‘Oh, this is going to be really fun and easy,' because we just got along really well." McConaughey wholeheartedly agreed, highlighting their spontaneity and the thrill of surprising each other during their performances.

"It was real too, real similar to how I feel about Matthew in real life, which is like, I sometimes just can't stand him because I love him so much, which just drives me crazy," Hudson confessed, hinting at the genuine emotions she experienced while working alongside her co-star. The intensity of their connection undoubtedly translated onto the big screen, enhancing the authenticity of their characters' relationship in 'Fool's Gold'.

Hudson's Battle for McConaughey

Interestingly, Hudson played a pivotal role in McConaughey's casting for 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days'. Her unwavering belief in their shared energy and chemistry played a crucial part in securing his involvement. Recalling the process, Hudson revealed, "We had an energy together, I wanted to play with him. It felt kinetic. We both have a competitive spirit, we're both super athletic. We like to push each other, and I just love Matthew's commitment to everything; he's razor-focused. What you think he is, he is."

However, the studio initially had reservations about McConaughey's suitability for the role, leading to disagreements and heated arguments between Hudson and the executives. Unyielding, Hudson fought tooth and nail to prove them wrong, staunchly advocating for McConaughey's casting and ultimately prevailing. Her instincts and determination paid off, as the film went on to captivate audiences and solidify their status as a beloved on-screen pair.

Beyond the Silver Screen

Their bond transcended the boundaries of the silver screen, extending into their personal lives. While filming 'Fool's Gold', Hudson was navigating a divorce from her ex-husband, musician Chris Robinson. The news of her divorce being finalized reached her while she was on set, leaving her with a whirlwind of emotions. In a vulnerable moment, she found herself contemplating the significance of the life-altering event.

Amidst the turmoil, McConaughey, ever the supportive friend, emerged from a boat, shirtless and full of life, to uplift Hudson's spirits. Recounting the heartfelt incident, Hudson fondly remembered, "Out of the top of the boat popped Matthew — shirtless — [and he was] like, 'You ready, Hudson?' And I was like, 'F–k yeah, I'm ready, let's go. Let's do this.'" McConaughey's infectious energy and unwavering positivity became a beacon of light during a challenging time, reminding Hudson of the enduring bond they share.