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Joe Rogan stunned at how scientists recreated Pink Flyod song using 'patient's brain waves'

2023-08-21 16:48
Joe Rogan recently shared an article by Erin Prater about scientists using recorded brain waves to recreate a Pink Floyd song with the help of AI
Joe Rogan stunned at how scientists recreated Pink Flyod song using 'patient's brain waves'

AUSTIN, TEXAS: Joe Rogan is no stranger to weighing in on viral topics, and recently the famed UFC commentator shared his views on the possibility of communication without the need for words.

Rogan is known for frequently expressing his views on various subjects on 'The Joe Rogan Experience' podcast, with most of them being controversial or uncommon. However, this time he chose to take his opinions to Instagram.

Joe Rogan reacts to scientists recreating a Pink Floyd song using a patient's brain waves

On Saturday, August 19, Rogan took to Instagram to share a Fortune article by Erin Prater titled 'Scientists recorded a Pink Floyd song from patient's brain waves. The tech could eventually allow communication without words', which has already gained over 17 million followers.

The JRE host shared the piece in a post with the caption, "Here we go...," showing his surprise.

The 'JRE' host has previously expressed his reservations about modern technological growth. At times, he has even joked about technology taking over society, similar to what's portrayed in science fiction pieces.

Notably, the article by Prater was about a study carried out at the University of California, Berkeley, in which scientists used previously recorded brain waves to recreate the Pink Floyd song 'Another Brick in the Wall, Part 1' with the help of artificial intelligence.

The advancement may help to create better brain-machine interfaces to aid communication in paralyzed patients, as per the Fortune piece.

Rogan was probably captivated by the idea of humans communicating without using words and how big this finding could impact the future.

Joe Rogan was once taken aback by historic technology used to build pyramids

While modern technologies have frequently amazed Joe Rogan, he has also voiced his awe at how the pyramids were built on multiple occasions.

In an episode of the 'JRE' podcast, Rogan, "Pyramids are the ultimate f**k you to anybody who thinks they understand the human timeline," probably hinting that there might be more to building the structures than what's currently theorized.

He was astounded by the fact that experts have failed to decipher the technologies that erected the Great Pyramid of Giza approximately 5,000 years ago.

"If you think about the amount of progress that we've achieved as modern humans just in the last few hundred years... If you go back 400 years to now, it's a stunning amount of achievement," said Rogan about technology from the past.

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