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Jake Paul extends support to combat fighters over pay, trolls say ‘you lost to Fury, stop talking'

2023-09-23 15:52
Jake Paul said, 'Pay fighters more, stock will go up over time, it may seem counter intuitive, but it’s true'
Jake Paul extends support to combat fighters over pay, trolls say ‘you lost to Fury, stop talking'

CLEVELAND, OHIO: Jake Paul is known for being vocal when it comes to Combat fighters and something similar was seen in his latest tweet. He tweeted in favor of fighters’ pay and how it can benefit TKO group holdings.

After successfully merging, the UFC and WWE created TKO Group Holdings, a new sports and entertainment conglomerate. This recently formed company has started trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with the ticker code "TKO".

Jake Paul tweets in favor of combat fighters

In his latest tweet, Jake Paul said, “Pay fighters more. Stock will go up over time. It may seem counter intuitive, but it’s true.”

Notably, the news of a five-year domestic media rights contract with NBC Universal caused TKO's stock to plunge nearly 12% in intraday trade on Thursday. With an average annual revenue of $287 million, this partnership is valued at more than $1.4 billion.

According to the deal, the Smackdown wrestling program will return to the USA Network in October 2024. The share price of TKO fell as low as $84.86 on Thursday before circling about $104 for the remainder of the week.

Just over a week prior, TKO had gone public with an initial share price of $102.

Fans react to Jake Paul's tweet

However, Jake Paul's tweet received mixed reactions from people. A user commented, "U lost to fury stop talking," whereas another user said "It’s counter intuitive. Teach fighters they need to do more than just fight to earn the big bucks."

A user added, "Should it be equal pay when you fight as well? From what I can see the fighters you picked didn’t get close to what you got" whereas one replied, "Levi you need boxing lesson my friend and I dont mean throwing punches I mean the history."