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Here's how Joe Rogan influenced a famed sushi chef to relocate from California to Austin

2023-11-22 19:15
During his visit to chef Philip Frankland Lee's pop-up, Joe Rogan played a massive role in motivating him to open a permanent sushi place in Austin
Here's how Joe Rogan influenced a famed sushi chef to relocate from California to Austin

AUSTIN, TEXAS: Joe Rogan attracts people from various backgrounds due to his approachability and keenness to hold conversations with people from different backgrounds.

One particularly noteworthy example of his influence is when he was instrumental in motivating sushi chef Philip Frankland Lee to relocate his highly successful restaurants from California to Austin, Texas.

How did Joe Rogan influence a sushi chef to shift his restaurant?

A recent Chron piece claims that Philip Frankland Lee's brief sushi pop-up in Austin during the Covid-19 outbreak became a permanent fixture following an accidental visit from Joe Rogan.

The UFC commentator urged the Michelin-starred chef to move to Austin as he was quite impressed with the food and friendliness of the restaurant. Lee graciously refused as he was reluctant to uproot the life he had made in California.

But Rogan was adamant and said that he would help Lee sell out his pop-up, leading the podcaster to share the chef's vision with his fans via social media.

Subsequently, Lee's website abruptly collapsed due to an overwhelming volume of reservations, indicating that Austin was ready to taste what Lee had to offer.

With a resounding endorsement from the most popular podcaster worldwide, Lee quickly established a prosperous Texas location for his Michelin-starred Sushi By Scratch and Pasta Bar.

Ever since, Rogan has complimented Lee's venture multiple times, even during his recent podcast episode with Elon Musk.

Joe Rogan talks about how asbestos in talcum powder can be deadly

In Episode #2061 of the 'JRE' featuring Snoop Dogg, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Elon Musk, and others, Joe Rogan discussed the possible health risks of asbestos in baby powder.

The subject was brought up by Rogan during a conversation with actress and comedian Whitney Cummings.

Cummings said, "We used to put it [talcum] in our underwear before basketball games. There have been 50,000 lawsuits, and they (a talc company) paid, I think 8 or 9 billion, which is probably nothing to them but the women getting ovarian cancer from the asbestos in it."

Rogan added, "Yeah that's what I was reading, that talc and asbestos are often in the same spot, and they don't filter it out well. They don't even test to see if the talc has asbestos in it."

He came across an article on Google that said, "Because talc and asbestos are minerals found close together. When talc is mined, it may contain traces of asbestos."

"Talcum powder is still an ingredient in several cosmetics brands. As recently as November 2020, a study found 14% of the talc-containing makeup tested also contained asbestos," continued Rogan, concluding, "That's wild!"

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