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'GMA' host Robin Roberts shares BTS footage and wedding clip as she reveals her 'special gift' for wife Amber Laign

2023-09-24 10:23
Amber Laign was visibly surprised as Robin Roberts revealed the gift that she had been preparing for a month
'GMA' host Robin Roberts shares BTS footage and wedding clip as she reveals her 'special gift' for wife Amber Laign

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: ‘Good Morning America’ host Robin Roberts and wife Amber Laign's wedding saga continues as Roberts drops another glimpse into their celebration, where she surprised "sweet Amber" with a dance.

At 62, the 'GMA' host showcased her dance moves to her fans, the wedding guests, and her now-wife Laign, and her fans just couldn't have enough.

In addition to a glimpse of the wedding, Roberts also shared a BTS video of how she and her 'GMA' crew prepped for the incredible dance performance, which had fans swooning.

Robin Roberts shows off her dance moves

On Instagram, ‘GMA’ host Robin Roberts shared a clip that started “1 month before the wedding,” where Roberts could be seen preparing her dance for Amber Laign.

In this video, Roberts practiced her dance moves and expressed how much Amber Laign loves to dance, and how “she is a fantastic dancer,” however Roberts herself, “not so much.”

“Team Robin” aka her “GMA Family” helped her practice and perfect this “special gift” for her wedding with Laign.

The second half of the video was a clip from the wedding itself, where Roberts danced for Laign, who had a shocked look on her face.

The caption on Instagram read, “Wanted to surprise Sweet Amber with a special gift for our wedding. Thanks to my fabulous team we were able to do that!”

Fans swoon over Robin Roberts’ wedding gift to Amber Laign

As soon as the ‘GMA’ host Robin Roberts dropped this video of some BTS footage, along with her dance at the wedding, fans rushed to the comment section. One wrote, “Robin, I had the biggest smile on my face watching this.”

A second fan said, “The pure joy and love from all the wedding videos is the content America needs. It's like a hug from Robin and Amber. We love you!” Another wrote, “You two are the epitome of true love.”

Fans have expressed how emotional this video made them as one wrote, “Omg @robinrobertsgma you have me cutting onions over here. This is so beautiful. The joy and happiness on sweet Amber's face is priceless. [Heart emojis] you guys. Blessings always you two.”

Several thought this was the “best” gift from Roberts to “Sweet Amber,” as one fan also wrote, “The best gift. So much fun,” and another commented, “This was the best.”

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