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Florida man proposes to girlfriend with a hot dog at Wacked out Weiner on August 18

2023-08-22 20:21
Florida man Brad Richardson decided to surprise his girlfriend in the 'tastiest' way and it worked out
Florida man proposes to girlfriend with a hot dog at Wacked out Weiner on August 18

FOLEY, FLORIDA: The saying, "A lot can happen over coffee," flew out of the window when a man from Florida decided to break convention by proposing to his girlfriend with a hot dog.

Brad Richardson shocked his girlfriend Brooke James when he got down on his knees on Friday, August 18, to propose to her. While the proposal itself did not surprise James, the choice of his prop shocked her.

More on the hot dog proposal

James and Richardson went to have breakfast at the Wacked out Weiner in Foley over the weekend when he popped the question.

Per Gulf Coast Media, James, visibly excited after the unique proposal, said, "It took me a few seconds to really understand it wasn't a joke.”

She continued, "He has done stuff like this before. He will jokingly get on one knee when I ask for a paper towel and be like 'Will you take this from me?'"

She added, "But when I saw the smile on his face and the sparkle in the middle of the hotdog, I knew."

Per the news outlet, their love story started online seven years ago when James was living in Florida and Richardson was living in Illinois.

Gushing about their romance, James said, "We started dating in November 2016, and once a year we would meet in Illinois or Alabama to spend time with each other.”

She continued, "We live in Fleming, Florida, now, and we were up here this weekend to vacation and visit family in Alabama."

How did Wacked out Weiner make the proposal more special?

Richardson claimed he came up with the unique idea of proposing with a hot dog because he wanted to do it humorously.

He said, "My whole family doesn't take life seriously, and we went there [Wacked Out Weiner, which has six locations in Alabama, including four in Baldwin County] when it first opened and bought T-shirts and loved it.”

He added that he was sure the restaurant would be his go-to place when he would finally pop the marriage question to his girlfriend.

Richardson continued, "I knew that if I was going to pop this question, it couldn't be serious, and this was Brooke's first time there."

While his original plan was to get the hotdog and go to some secluded place, he could not do so because of the eatery being more crowded than what he expected.

He continued, “When we first walked in there were a lot of people, and I had a plan to grab hotdogs and go outside.”

Richardson continued, "I told the owners what I was planning, and they were so excited. I originally wanted to put the hot dog through the ring, but it wouldn't fit so I had to cut between the hot dog."

The restaurant also posted a video of their engagement and congratulated the couple online.

A post from restaurant's official account read, “So, the most amazing thing happened this morning at the Foley Wacked Out Weiner!! This young fella just proposed to this sweet little lady!”

They continued to narrate, “The Momma asked this young man if he wanted to propose somewhere more “romantic” like perhaps the beach and he said “No Way, he wanted to do this at The Wacked Out Weiner” !”

They also noted that this was the first kind of a proposal happening at the eatery.

“Thank y’all so much for sharing this special moment with us. This proposal was a first for us. Wishing these young people many many happy years together!” the restaurant wrote.

Richardson also could not thank the restaurant enough after they helped him and gifted them t-shirts. He said, "We really just can't say thank you enough to The Wacked Out Weiner.”

He concluded, "They had smiles on their faces the whole time, and I'm really glad we had a comedic place to do it."

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