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'Fans demand 'Sister Wives' sequel as Christine Brown shares engagement pics with David Woolley: 'Love after Polygamy'

2023-07-25 09:22
Fans want a 'Sister Wives' spin-off after Christine Brown shared her engagement pics and claims to love how she looks with fiance David Woolley
'Fans demand 'Sister Wives' sequel as Christine Brown shares engagement pics with David Woolley: 'Love after Polygamy'

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA: Christine Brown is head over heels for her fiance David Woolley. The 'Sister Wives' star took to Instagram on Monday to share a bunch of photos from her engagement day. The couple looked lovely together. Seeing them happily growing in love, many fans wonder whether TLC should make a show about their new love story.

Out of the other sister wives, Christine is the only one who finally found her true love and seems to be happy in her life. After splitting with Kody Brown, Christine announced on social media that she was dating someone. She revealed her boyfriend on social media and in no time they even announced their engagement. Instead of questioning Christine for moving on so fast, people were happy to finally see the star move on in her life.

Christine Brown shares engagement photos

Wearing a green top and a tight-fit jeans, Christine looked happier than ever as she held hands with her fiance David in the new pictures. Sporting strappy black heels, the reality star leaned a bit toward her fiance as she posed for the engagement pictures. David, on the other hand, wearing a black shirt and blue jeans looked so much in love as she smile while seeing Christine. The third photo showed the couple standing in the middle of the snow as they were surrounded by mountains. David kissed Christine's forehead as the couple stood holding hands. Christine captioned the photos, "We got our engagement photos done! Gosh! I LOVE how we look together!" She then hashtagged the post, "true love," "finally found some love," "engaged," and "photoshoot".

'Spin-off reality show loading…Love after Polygamy'

Internet has always wished for TLC to make a show about what happened after sister wives split with Kody. Asking for the same, a fan commented, "Spin-off reality show loading…"Love after Polygamy."" To this, a user replied, "I’d watch the show good idea." Another called the suggested title to be "Perfect name." A user commented, "I think that'd be great! It should follow the journey of all 3 women."

"Yes!! @tlc be on it now(!!!!)," one told TLC. Another user wrote, "Sounds good, but i hope they stay away from television and just enjoy each other." Another gave the valid point, "Makes sense. I mean, surely they’d have to cancel “Sister Wives” now, right? There are no more." A user wrote, "Give them a tv show! @tlc."

'True love looks good on you'

Internet believed Christine has found her true love. She never seemed so happy with Kody like she is with David. Seeing her smile whole-hearted, a user commented, "True love looks good on you." Another said, "Happiness looks beautiful on you, Christine!" "Your happiness is showing in each pic!" wrote another.

One user said, "Love looks soooo good on you! He’s yours and your his! No sharing!!!!" One wrote, "This what true love looks like I'm so happy for her."