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‘Building a legacy’: Fans hail Robin Roberts after ‘GMA’ star shares major update from her visit to alma mater

2023-11-10 12:19
Robin Roberts visited her alma mater with her wife Amber Laign for the 'groundbreaking' of a new media center
‘Building a legacy’: Fans hail Robin Roberts after ‘GMA’ star shares major update from her visit to alma mater

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: ‘Good Morning America’ star Robin Roberts will soon have a state-of-the-art broadcast media center in her name at her alma mater, Southeastern Louisiana University.

The 62-year-old recently shared the news on her Instagram after visiting the university to ‘break ground’ at the site where the media center is scheduled to be built.

Roberts was joined by her wife Amber Laign and felt deeply “honored” for this remarkable feat. Later, she shared a few glimpses from her visit where the ‘GMA’ star can be seen shoveling sand at the site and interacting with university officials.

Robin Roberts gets a new media center in her name at her alma mater

Roberts attended Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana, graduating cum laude in 1983 with a degree in communication.

After 40 years, she returns to her alma mater to cement her legacy by breaking ground for a massive broadcast media center.

In a small carousel post, Roberts captured the highlights of the event. She shared a brief clap of holding a shovel with other university officials as she smiled for the camera.

A rendition of how the center would look like was also shared by Roberts in her Instagram post.

Later she shared a snap of her and her wife Laign standing on the ground where the media center will be built.

She expressed her happiness in the caption and revealed that she felt truly “honored”

Roberts wrote, “I felt so honored to be back at my beloved alma mater at the end of last week for the groundbreaking of a new state-of-the-art broadcast media center, which will be named after yours truly. Swipe to see a rendering of what the center will look like when it's finished in Spring of 2025”

Fans of the ‘GMA’ star congratulated her on this huge accomplishment. One fan wrote, “I’m so glad that your classy name will be used effectively! Congrats, Robin. This is your legacy. And we’re here for it”

Another fan said, “Congratulations! The legacy you are building” while a third fan added, “That is so cool!! We spend the first part of our careers doing achievements and the next part a lot more that brings fulfillment. Congratulations!! Next, you will be a professor!!”

Another said, “So well deserved! Ms Roberts, you are so kind and genuine in everything you do! You are someone I really look up to! Congratulations!”

Robin Roberts opens up about the media center on the Tamron Hall Show

Roberts appeared on the November 8 episode of the ‘Tamron Hall Show’ and opened up about what it means to her to have a new state-of-the-art facility for broadcast journalism students built in her name at her alma mater.

She choked up while talking about it and remembered the struggle of her parents to get an education.

“I’m thinking about my momma…she went to Howard University on a $100 scholarship. It was somebody who helped my momma write an essay. She goes to Howard, where she meets my father.”

“And you don’t understand how generationally that helps, the generations that are helped, because of this woman who helped my momma write an essay that got the $100 scholarship, put her through Howard”

She continued, “She had four children who went to college, we’re all responsible human beings. So to know that my name is going to be on a building and just thinking of the young people that are going to walk through those doors and hopefully be able to fulfill their dreams, like you and I have been able to do like many of us have been able to do, that’s all we want to see.”

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