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'Botox problems': 'AGT' judge Simon Cowell trolled as he shares video of himself struggling to sip water through straw

2023-06-02 12:47
Simon Cowell has admitted that he has overdone it in the past with cosmetic procedures
'Botox problems': 'AGT' judge Simon Cowell trolled as he shares video of himself struggling to sip water through straw

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Over the years, Simon Cowell has drawn a lot of attention over his changing appearance. The 'America's Got Talent' judge was recently trolled for his "poor botox" as he revealed an embarrassing clip of himself while on sets of 'Britain's Got Talent.'

Many celebrities have taken plastic surgery too far, making them look more like wax figures or dolls than people. Some of Hollywood's most beautiful stars have fallen victim to botched plastic surgery. Tara Reid, Khloe Kardashian, and Janice Dickinson are just a few of the celebrities who have admitted to overdoing cosmetic procedures, from botched surgeries to too many fillers. Simon, too, has already admitted that his biggest critic is himself, as he vows to never get Botox injections again.

Simon Cowell shares embarrassing clip from 'BGT'

Simon previously disclosed what surgery he had done after 'BGT' hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly mocked him for being the "real new face." With a few cosmetic tweaks, the former 'X Factor' judge has perfected the art of delaying the aging process.

Simon isn't afraid to acknowledge that he has had some work done, and he was one of the first male TV personalities to admit to having Botox and filler. Ant and Declan even make a joke about it in the first episode of the new series, which returned to ITV for its 16th season earlier this year. Fortunately, he recognized the humor in it, although the TV personality claimed that all the allegations about his numerous treatments were overblown.

On June 1, Simon shared on Instagram one of his embarrassing moments from the show. In the clip, Simon can be seen desperately trying to get a straw into his mouth. He asked his followers to caption the video of him struggling to drink water with a straw.

'Botox overdose'

The Internet seized the opportunity to provide the reality TV judge with some of the funniest captions, with most coming in the form of a reference to his botched Botox. One user commented on the post, "Botox problems lol." Another chimed in, "Botox in the way." One user captioned the post, "That Botox has made me lose all feeling." A fourth user quipped, "Can I get this damn Botox removed asap please, I haven’t drank in like 36 months." One follower commented, "The numbness ain’t gone down yet then." Another person added, "When the Botox works a little too much." "Botox overdose....," wrote another user. A fan joked, "When you have too much Botox and can’t feel your face."

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