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Andrew Tate criticizes procrastinators and labels them as 'ungrateful' for wasting time, Internet says 'this guy doesn’t honor God'

2023-10-29 20:52
Andrew Tate asserts that procrastinators come from a sense of entitlement
Andrew Tate criticizes procrastinators and labels them as 'ungrateful' for wasting time, Internet says 'this guy doesn’t honor God'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Andrew Tate, the contentious figure on social media, recently took to X (formerly Twitter) to make known his strong disapproval of procrastinators.

He contended that they are ungrateful and have a lack of appreciation for time.

Tate consistently posts tweets that often take the form of verbal attacks aimed at various targets, reflecting his frustrations with a range of issues.

These outspoken expressions are frequently criticized by social media users and detractors.

What did Andrew Tate say about procrastinators?

In a recent tweet, Tate launched a critique aimed at those notorious for procrastination, individuals who have a persistent habit of postponing tasks.

Tate accompanied his message with a video clip where he delivered a powerful statement, saying, "Procrastination is nothing more but a declaration to god that you don't respect the time you are given because you believe you'll have more time to do it later."

Tate went on to emphasize, "I say, I have 'The Real World' for $50 which operates basically at a loss because it's so cost-effective so that people can learn how to make online in a Matrix free way so they're allowed an opinion and they can become geographically free.

"Yeah, I'll do it later", who says you'll have later? All of the people who died today thought they had a later. They didn't have one. You will run out of time," he declared.

Expanding on this notion, Tate wrote, "Procrastination comes from a sense of entitlement. You believe you have more time, You think it's "okay", you will get rich "later"."

Tate concluded his message with a powerful statement, saying, "You are deeply ungrateful for the time you've been given and God will punish you for it. Don't start your journey "later".

Start TODAY."

Andrew Tate's trolls assert he does not honor God

After Tate criticized procrastinators and highlighted their tendency to waste the time they've been given, numerous users came forward to share their thoughts on his statement.

One user wrote, "This guy doesn’t honor god He uses the name of god to get what he wants."

Another user wrote, "You can learn all you want. But only when you start taking action you will know what you really lack. People hiding behind perfectionism are often just procrastinators."

A user stated, "Procrastination can stem from a sense of entitlement thinking we have endless timr Lets be grateful for the present work on our goals now and create our future rather than wait."

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