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Alix Earle opens up about 'Halloween Hangxiety' in latest 'Hot Mess' podcast

2023-11-09 22:51
Alix Earle's unforgettable Halloween mishap takes center stage on her 'Hot Mess' podcast
Alix Earle opens up about 'Halloween Hangxiety' in latest 'Hot Mess' podcast

FLORIDA, MIAMI: Alix Earle dishes on 'Halloween Hangxiety' in her latest 'Hot Mess' Podcast.

Alix Earle recently treated her audience to a lively discussion on the podcast's latest episode. In a snap shared on her social media, she teased, "Ohh boy, do we have stories to tell you."

Alix Earle gets candid about 'Halloween Hangxiety'

During the podcast, Alix candidly recounted her recent embarrassing Halloween incident, where she was dressed in a signature 'Madonna' outfit. The details included roaming around with blood on the bottom of her dress to spooky celebrations in the past.

In the latest episode of the Hot Mess Podcast, Alix Earle regaled listeners with a hilarious yet cringe-worthy Halloween incident.

Narrating an episode from an NBA draft party in Brooklyn, Alix found herself facing an urgent need to pee, leading to a seemingly practical decision — peeing through the costume. However, this decision took an unexpected turn as she later discovered she had started her period.

Alix humorously recounted the aftermath, stating, "Because I peed through the costume, the pee soaked up everywhere, and it took the blood and spread. I was just walking around with my blood on my costume."

Joined by a friend Hannah, Alix delved into their Halloween experiences during their college days. She offered a sneak peek into her college's "fantasy fest," a swingers festival that, as she explained, isn't exactly "meant for college students."

The podcast promises entertaining and relatable tales from Alix's adventures, keeping the audience hooked on every word.

Alix Earle's hilarious Halloween tales regales fans

Alix Earle's recent revelations on the Hot Mess Podcast left fans in stitches, earning praise for being one of the funniest and most relatable stories shared by an influencer.

One user exclaimed, "The blood/pee story is probably the funniest, most real story an influencer has ever shared. Like I legit felt like I was doing a post-game wrap-up with girlfriends. Absolutely hilarious!"

Another fan chimed in, highlighting a moment when Alix's friend misheard cheers, saying, "When Hannah said I could hear everyone cheering 'she’s Usain' only to realize they were saying 'she’s insane' took me out! This episode was hilarious!"

The general sentiment among listeners seemed to be pure enjoyment, with one user expressing, "This whole episode is so unhinged; I love it." Another listener shared a personal connection, stating, "I love this podcast every week. Reminds me of me and my college pals."

Alix's ability to bring laughter and relatability to her audience clearly resonates, making the 'Hot Mess' podcast a must-listen for many.

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